Microsoft Excel

May 14-17, 2019


Microsoft Excel is one of today’s most powerful and versatile business tools, but if you’re not familiar with its basic functions, formulas, commands and keystrokes, it can be frustrating and disappointing. In today’s fast-paced, technical business environment, numbers are everything. Much of our success hinges on how well we can manage the data – statistics, planning, reporting – that we encounter on a daily basis. We learn how we are doing and discover our next course of action by studying numbers. Ms Excel is an incredibly powerful tool for doing this.

Having proven skills in this software will demonstrate to your colleagues and employers that you have had practical, hands-on experience that give you full confidence in your ability to navigate your way around the software with ease. This training gives you strong fundamentals to build on, intermediate and the advance excel. With the Basic Excel training you’ll learn how to use charts, graphs, fonts, borders, shading and more — and produce spreadsheets that communicate better and really get attention. You’ll discover professional Excel tips for brilliant, distinctive output every time, on every worksheet.  In the Advanced Excel session you will learn how to design and debug a macro and how to create and manage a PivotChart and even linking and data exchange operations you once dreaded will become easier.  We aim to make integration from older excel packages more understandable for users of previous Microsoft Excel.  We are offering the course in two levels – Basic level to provide training on the fundamentals on how Ms Excel works and the Intermediate to advanced level training to focus more in depth features of the package to increase productivity and save time.


The outcome of attending this program cannot be over emphasized; participants will be able to


  • master excel formulas and functions
  • design and organize professional looking worksheets
  • add charts and graphs to give your spreadsheets a visual punch
  • copy, move, delete, insert or replace anything in your worksheet with ease
  • solve common printing problems and end irritating surprises once and for all
  • create and use simple macros that save time and sidestep mistakes
  • use of Protections (using password, formula hiding etc)
  • develop a PivotTable Report
  • create and use Auditing Spread Sheet
  • use multiple worksheet and calculating with advanced formulas
  • understand an insight of the modern uses special of excel tools
  • perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak
  • create customized templates and analyzing data
  • Tips to improve the quality, accuracy and usefulness of every Excel worksheet!
  • How to use the Visual Basic Editor to eliminate repetitive keystrokes and save time
  • Ways to create visually exciting charts with graphics with customized drawing tools
  • The most important database functions and how they work
  • Easy ways to collect and format data
  • How to use PivotCharts
  • And much more!


  • Take a quick tour of Excel basics!
  • Shortcut menus: the most efficient ways to access commands for any task
  • Help for Help! How to find what you need in Help without endless searching and scrolling
  • How to select cells or ranges of cells — 2 methods to choose from
  • Excel Workbooks: the backbone to efficient file management
  • How to find a single file or a particular workbook in record time
  • Build a worksheet from the ground up
  • What to consider before you create a worksheet — expert advice on building a worksheet framework that will accomplish your objectives
  • Tips for entering text and numbers, and a super-quick way to cancel or confirm your entry
  • Ways to copy and move data without anxiety
  • The view you need — how to zoom in or zoom out of the worksheet
  • When titles and labels keep moving out of view: techniques to freeze them in place while you move around your worksheet
  • Harness the real power behind the numbers
  • Formula and Function basics — on-the-mark advice that will end confusion once and for all
  • Mathematical formulas made easy: how to subtract, multiply or divide data
  • Basic Excel functions that let you calculate averages, percentages and much more using built-in predefined formulas
  • Learn the techniques that produce visually exciting worksheets!
  • The secrets to attractive, readable worksheets: 5 formatting guidelines that apply to any worksheet you produce
  • How to control alignment, decimals, dollar signs and more — in one easy operation
  • Fonts, shading and borders that increase the readability and attractiveness of your worksheet
  • Get the output you want without trial-and-error printing
  • Print Options: the many choices Excel gives you to customize your printing. Plus, how to add headers, footers and page numbers to a worksheet
  • No more strange page breaks — how to set manual page breaks and ensure that your titles and labels print on every page
  • Add impact and visual punch to your data
  • An easy-to-understand glossary of the terms used in charting and graphing data
  • The Chart Wizard — how to easily produce vivid, exciting charts to accompany your data, even if you’re a total novice
  • Where to actually put your chart: all about embedded charts, separate charts and chart sheets within a workbook
  • Gain speed, efficiency and ease at every session!
  • Steps to customize Excel and achieve maximum personal productivity
  • Large worksheets with Split Windows — the best way to effortlessly view distant figures side by side
  • A practical look at database basics to get you started
  • For mouse-haters: a quick guide to shortcuts that keep your hands on the keyboard
  • An end to macro mystery — how you can automate many tasks using macros


  • Setup and Editing Success
  • 7 rules that make worksheet setup easy
  • How to conceal data in cells, columns and rows without losing it
  • 3 steps to protect your data
  • 9 keyboard shortcuts that will cut hours from your work
  • Tips on changing chart attributes without losing data
  • How to manipulate multiple ranges with Autofill
  • The overlooked problem-solver for naming ranges
  • The end of data entry drudgery — how to get the software to do it for you
  • Formulas and Functions That Cut Work Down to Size
  • Tips for building complex formulas quickly and accurately
  • How to utilize the hundreds of functions at your fingertips
  • How to use absolute and mixed cells
  • Logic functions — the “If,” “And” and “Or” statements that make data more usable
  • 7 formulas you can use right away to select, extract and combine text entries
  • 4 benefits of manipulating your text
  • The all-important functions and what each does
  • How to give multiple views of your data
  • How to Make the Most of Macros
  • When to use an automated procedure or macro — and when not to
  • Tips for recording a complex macro and ensuring it runs easily
  • How to assign command buttons to macros
  • Techniques for debugging a macro, as easy as 1,2,3
  • How to start — and use — the Visual Basic Editor
  • Data Exchange with Other Applications
  • Specific steps for sharing data with Microsoft PowerPoint®, Access®, Word and other platforms
  • How to save your Excel work in a Web-friendly format
  • The Power of Tables, Databases and Lists
  • How to sort to maximize the data’s usability
  • Auditing: a visual map of your formulas
  • How to build and manage a PivotChart that’s everything management wants
  • The best way to analyze equations with scenarios
  • A shortcut for calculating trends and projecting future ones


  • Portfolio & Asset Managers
  • Salesmen and Traders of Financial, Oil & Gas and Energy Companies,
  • Back, Mid and Front-office Executives/ Officers
  • Decision Makers and policy makers of governmental entities,
  • Investment Advisors, In- & External Accountants, Controllers & Compliance Officers,
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • All member of Staff who desire to increase knowledge in the subject




This fee covers expert tuition, training kits, souvenirs and feeding (tea break, lunch (buffet) throughout the duration of the Programme


Venue:             2nd Floor

Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry Building (LCCI)

Bola Tinubu Way, Beside Marwa/MKO Garden

Alausa Ikeja,


Date:               May 14-17, 2019

Time:               9a.m. Daily


E-mail: Call:  +234 805 444 8597 +234 708 503 9947 +234 809 631 1690

Pay in favour of SPC PATTERNS CONSULTING into the following banks
GTBANK – 0003651617
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  • Certificate of participation exclusive to all participants
  • Subscription to this program is currently open and will stay open until one week before the course.