Designing A Balanced Scorecard Framework

Oct 30 – Nov 1, 2019


The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and performance management framework that tracks financial and non-financial measures to determine an organization’s effectiveness and when corrective action is necessary. Organisations devote significant time, energy, human and financial resources to measuring their performance in achieving strategic objectives. But the sobering fact is that about 9 out of 10 organisations fail to implement their strategies. The Balanced Scorecard has emerged as a proven and effective tool to capture, describe, and translate organisations strategic goals, into meaningful objectives at corporate, divisional, and individual employee levels, thereby allowing for the strategies to be successfully implemented. This course discusses how to develop Balanced Scorecard Performance system explores issues that organizations face in building and implementing scorecard systems and shares the lessons learnt. 


The outcome of this program cannot be over emphasized; participants will be able to

  • Plan, implement and manage the Balanced Scorecard based Performance Management system
  • Build a Balanced Scorecard framework to form Performance Management System
  • Align the Performance Measures to the Organization business strategy
  • Design, capture, track and manage the established Performance Measures
  • Translate strategy into meaningful objectives, measures, and targets
  • Develop a strategy map
  • Cascade the strategy to Divisional and employee levels


Over the three days of the course, you will cover all the key stages required to implement the Balanced Scorecard in your organisation.

  • Balanced Scorecard – Concept and Origin
    • Introduction to Balanced Scorecard
    • Introduction to Performance Measurement and Management
    • Understanding Balanced Scorecard Terminologies
  • Step-by-step Development of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Getting started
  • Mission, Values, Vision & Strategy
  • Developing performance objectives and measures
  • Finalising measures and developing cause and effect linkages
  • Setting targets and prioritizing initiatives

Embedding the Balanced Scorecard in the organisation’s management system

  • Cascading the balanced scorecard to build organisational alignment
  • Using the balanced scorecard to strategically allocate resources
  • Linking rewards to performance: The balanced scorecard and compensation
  • Balanced Scorecard – Design
  • Developing Strategic Themes and anticipated results
  • Developing strategic objectives and drivers
  • Performing Strategic Mapping
  • Deriving Strategic Performance measures, Targets and Thresholds
  • Understanding criteria for developing Strategic initiatives
  • Balanced Scorecard – Implementation & Success
    • Understanding Implementation Challenges
    • Aligning the strategy and process throughout the organization
    • Establishing Performance Data collection & validation
    • Cascading the scorecard across organization
    • Understanding Employee Motivation
    • Linking Strategy to Resource Decisions
    • Balanced Scorecard Software’s
    • Reporting balanced scorecard results
    • Maintaining the balanced scorecard
  • Balanced Scorecards in the public and non-for-profit sectors
  • Concluding thoughts on Balanced Scorecard Success


Our approach is a unique blend of lectures reinforced through the application of discussions, videos and real case reviews, and a performance scorecard toolkit. Participating organization will be assessed independently and help to develop necessary team skills and knowledge to implement a scorecard system in their organizations.


This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Champions of Performance Management Projects
  • Executives and Executive teams looking for a practical approach to strategy translation and performance management implementation
  • Internal project coordinators and consultants
  • HR and Finance managers

INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE                                                          

N120, 000.00, this fee covers expert tuition, training kits and brochure, souvenirs and certificate of completion, feeding (tea break, lunch (buffet) throughout the duration of the Programme.


Venue:             2nd Floor

Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry Building (LCCI)

Bola Tinubu Way, Beside Marwa/MKO Garden

Alausa Ikeja,


Date:               Oct 30 – Nov 1, 2019

Time:               9a.m. Daily


E-mail: training@spcpatternsconsulting.comCall:  +234 805 444 8597 +234 708 503 9947 +234 809 631 1690 

Pay in favour of SPC PATTERNS CONSULTING into the following banks

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  • Certificate of completion exclusive to all participants
  • Subscription to this program is currently open and will stay open until one week before the course.