Developing Executive Leadership Program

Accelerating the Careers of High-Potential Leaders

September 23-27, 2019

Atlanta USA

  • Deepen your self-awareness with executive leadership
  • Empower yourself to improve performance!


Successful companies worldwide continue to invest in a strong pipeline of next-generation leaders who can help them build and secure a competitive advantage. How do you turn an inflection point in your career into an opportunity? How can you catapult your career to the next level? Developing Executive Leadership Program will fast track your career to become  a high potential leader.

This program equips up-and-coming leaders with a broader understanding of today’s global marketplace and the integrated functions of the organization. You will emerge with the leadership capacity to manage cross-functional initiatives, management acumen, interpersonal skills identify new sources of revenue, and execute bold strategies that drive your company’s bottom line. This comprehensive course also will empower you to build and motivate effective teams, resolve strategic problems, think holistically, and lead with confidence that will drive change in yourself and your organization.


  • Deepen your self-awareness with executive leadership
  • Empower yourself to improve performance!


By the end of this program, it is our expectation that participants will be able to:

  • build an executive leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides your entire team toward greater performance and profit
  • gain insights into the key executive leadership skills and techniques you need to create a winning strategy
  • learn what real “coaching” consists of and how to build an extraordinary team that works together to deliver results
  • develop heightened “emotional intelligence” for greater professional achievement and satisfaction
  • identify the characteristics of effective leadership and the most common saboteur
  • develop an executive leadership style that adapts to the person and situation
  • improve performance through empowerment and effective delegation
  • clearly communicate mission, vision and value statements
  • build a cohesive unit that performs well in all situations
  • apply executive leadership training to continue your growth as a leader through a self-development plan


Module Categories Topics
1. Understanding Today’s Executive Leadership Expectations   Examining your executive leadership challenges Exploring the fundamental concepts of executive leadership
The four-factor model of effective executive leadership
Differentiating between leadership and management
Identifying the executive leadership requirements for the 21st century
2. Leadership with the Head: Exploring the Strategic Elements of Executive Leadership   Defining mission, vision and values
Focusing on the “big picture” when building the culture
The importance of planning and prioritizing in day-to-day activities
Taking the time to focus on envisioning the futureHow a personal vision statement helps you achieve your organizational vision
3. Leadership with the Hands: Understanding and Appreciating Situational Leadership® II, the Art of Influencing Others   How to develop people, value differences and encourage honest communication Developing your leadership style to gain commitment from your employees Matching your leadership style to your employees’ developmental needs
4. Leadership with the Feet: Personal Values and Ethics at Work   Understanding the challenges you face—and the various ways you can manage them Creating a culture of trusting relationships How individualized “passionate purpose” provides a context for consistency and credibility
5. Leadership with the Heart: Practicing Ways to Communicate   Executive leadership techniques for enhancing pride in the work and the organization Motivating the workforce: three elements that ensure increased job satisfaction and productivity Examining the role of “emotional intelligence” in successful executive leadership Assessing your “emotional intelligence”: your strengths and areas that need development
  6. Creating an Executive Leadership Development Plan   Developing a plan based on your goals and your organization’s strategy
  7.   Best Practices at Leading Organizations Company Visit
Celebratory Ceremony



  • These course combines instructor-led online pre- and post-seminar assessments and other resources to maximize your training goals.
  • These courses aretaught face-to-face byour highly qualified andexperienced educatorsin a comfortable, well equipped classroom
  • Comprehensive, high quality course notes are available for learners to take away
  • For many people, taking time out of a regular office environment for these short course will let them concentrate and maximize the benefits
  • Participants will also be assessed individually and course tailored to organization
  •  Within the classroom, learners from different businesses and backgrounds can enjoy a networking opportunity.
  • Break into syndicate sessions


  • 3-day general and syndicate workshop
  • 1-day field trip, presentation and certificate & award distribution


Before attending this program, you will receive a link to the online Leader Behavior Analysis® II assessment.  You must complete the assessment, print your results and bring to class in order to participate fully in this session.


  • Special arrival dinner
  • 1 day city tour to neighbouring states
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Certificate of Achievment
  • Alumni Status
  • Unique opportunity to re-tool your health and well-being with exercise classes every morning, yoga in the evening , award-winning food, and extracurricular activities.


This program is designed to provide executive leadership training for senior and midlevel managers or executives who lead others with managerial responsibility. It will benefit executives who require strong decision-making skills and the ability to lead and motivate others.


Upon successful completion of this course, certificates and award will be given to all participants by AMERICAN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (AMA) New York USA in partnership with SPC Patterns Consulting Lagos Nigeria.



First run

June 17- 21, 2019. (Arrival date shall be June 15 & 16 2019)

Second run

September 23- 27, 2019. (Arrival date shall be September 21 & 22 2019)

DURATION & VENUE: The program is designed to run for a week; the 5-day short course to be delivered at AMA Executive Conference Center, in Atlanta Georgia

TIME: The schedule is 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 16:30 Time in Atlanta.


  Option A $5,500 USD (Five Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars Only)   This Fee Covers, Registration Training KitsExperts TuitionAccommodation (****)Logistics (Hotel – Training Center) Feeding(Breakfast, Tea-Breaks &Lunch(Buffet) Case Analysis CD VideosVisa Invitation LetterLogistics for Field Trip and Edu-tourismSouvenirsAwards & Certificates
  Option B $4,100 USD (Four Thousand One Hundred US Dollars Only)     This Fee Covers, Registration Training KitsExperts TuitionFeeding (Tea Breaks & Lunch (Buffet) Case Analysis CD VideosVisa Invitation LetterSouvenirAwards & Certificates


  • Participants subscribing for this course must possess valid US Entry Visa in order to enroll for this programme. Incase prospective delegate(s) do not possess entry Visa; our agents can assist to fast track the process.



  • E-mail:
  • Call:  +234 805 444 8597 +234 708 503 9947 +234 809 631 1690  
  • Pay in favour of SPC PATTERNS CONSULTING into the following bank
    GTBANK Dollars Account Number – 0003651624


  • Subscription to this program is currently open and will stay open until 6 weeks to program.