Executive Training & HR Services

Executive Training & HR Services

Life-long learning is essential for individuals at all levels to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced environment.  Faced with constant challenges, changing technologies, and a fluid environment, executives especially must continue to broaden their perspectives and strive for continual professional executive development. No matter where you are in your career, you will always need to acquire, develop, reinforce or update your skills. We offer a wide range of short programs that meet your specific needs and help you keep learning throughout your life. By attending any of our programs you automatically gain access to SPC Patterns Executive Community network of over 50,000 managers.  Our Training Services include

Open Training Calendar
Explore our Open Training Calendar, featuring a wide range of Local and International programs in collaboration with our global partners. Expand your knowledge, skills, and networks with our diverse and impactful training opportunities.
Tailor-made training program
Experience our Tailor-Made Training Program, where we customize the curriculum to meet your organizational needs. Our courses can be delivered at any preferred location worldwide, ensuring a personalized learning experience that aligns perfectly with your goals.
Corporate Retreat and Team Bonding
Ignite your team's passion and boost camaraderie with our Corporate Retreat and Team Bonding events. From indoor/outdoor activities to culinary programs, charity initiatives, and sports-themed challenges, we create memorable experiences that foster lasting connections and rejuvenate your team's spirit.

Our HR services goes beyond administration to improve productivity, develop talent, optimise employees’ deployment, manage projects, enable effective career and succession planning, and add strategic value to your business. Our team continues to develop, evolve and refine our services and tools that enable your human resources to become centre strategic value within your organisation. Services includes, Performance Measurement, Recruitment & Head Hunt, Job Evaluation & Talent  Management, Job Description development and review service, Succession and career plan development, Staff Audit, Culture and Change management, Psychometric Assessment  and Behavioral Profiling.

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