Management Acceleration Program – Fast Track

Move into Management. Become a Leader

November 11-15, 2019

Oxford UK


If you have already spent some years working as a high-performing functional expert and are ready to move forward in your career, then the Management Acceleration Programme is for you. This programme helps you to expand your business expertise, strengthen your knowledge and skill sets, and gives you the confidence you need to take that next step. The Management Acceleration Programme equips you with the relevant perspectives and skills to work effectively across functions and cultures. It will reinforce your ability to both lead and follow in today’s constantly changing, high-pressure and volatile business world.

This Fast-tracked  Programme is designed to serve three aims:

  1. Strengthening your leadership foundations;
  2. Sharpening your strategic insight; and
  3. Broadening your business expertise.

It provides you with the perspectives and tools to understand and to manage all aspects of a business in such a way as to create value. Content-driven session streams alternate with experiential opportunities designed to make the learning personal and integrate it into a coherent, actionable whole.


  • Become competent and confident managers equipped to deal with business challenges
  • Develop clear aims and plan for ongoing personal and professional development


By the end of this program, it is our expectation that participants will be able to:

  • Act competently and confidently as a manager. Become a more competent and confident manager with new insights, knowledge and skills.
  • Lead effectively and responsibly. Enhance your ability to lead mindfully, effectively and responsibly with or without formal authority.
  • Create long-term value. Stay more focused on creating value and grounded in long-term purpose.
  • Join a strong international network. Join a community of international high-potentials that will support you long after the programme is over.
  • Develop clear aims and plans for your on-going personal and professional development.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Communicate and negotiate effectively
  • Leverage the experiences of others to power your own journey


Module Categories Topics
1. Leadership Foundations     Developing your own and others’ leadership talent
Giving and receiving effective feedback
Understanding, motivating and communicating within teams Exercising influence without formal authority
Harnessing organisational culture and managing across cultures
Leading organisational change.
2. Strategic Insight   Analysis by industry, market and competition
Developing and sustaining competitive advantage
Changing the rules of the game – Blue Ocean Strategy
Strategic resources and alliances
Corporate expansion, mergers and acquisitions.
3. Business Expertise   The key types of financial statements and their use for strategic decision-making
Management accounting systems and the tools to identify relevant information
Making structured marketing decisions in situations that initially seem totally unstructured
The challenges to value creation in a supply network and co-ordinating initiatives for value capture.
4. Business knowledge Entrepreneurship & Creativity- this session prepares young managers to structure and sell their ideas/business cases to upper management.
Finance- this session takes you through a simulation called FAST (Finance and Accounting Simulation Tool).
Marketing – understand how you can create and manage customer value.
Strategy – this session provides you with very practical and effective insights, frameworks and tools used for strategic decision-making.
5. Management skills   Project Management: learn how to design, plan, and manage projects and project teams while respecting the set time frame and allocated budget.
Negotiation: strengthen your position at the negotiation table and return to the workplace with the ability to close deals whilst adding value for all parties involved.
Leadership: experience the difference between a manager and a leader role. How do you lead and work with others and how can you grow further?
Speaking to inspire: Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill in getting your message across. Learn how to connect with your audience, understand the importance of voice and body language, and receive tips & tricks about preparing slide-shows.
6. Personal Development   Being more self-aware enables you to understand the impact your personal traits and interaction style have on your team and business performance.
We will administer some personality tests to give you insights into what drives you, your behaviour and values.
The 360° feedback tool allows you to understand how your colleagues perceive your leadership behaviour in comparison to how you see yourself in your leadership role.
  7.   Best Practices at Leading Organizations Company Visit
Celebratory Ceremony


The Management Acceleration Programme includes a variety of learning methodologies:

  • Interactive lectures to grasp the latest thinking and foundational concepts
  • Case discussions based on real-life business dilemmas
  • Work in diverse teams that provide perspectives different than your own
  • Experiential activities to practise and examine your leadership in conditions of uncertainty
  • Feedback from our faculty members, classmates and colleagues at work through a 360° instrument
  • Group consulting and personal coaching to assist your learning, reflection and future planning
  • Simulations to integrate your knowledge and skills in a competitive yet low-risk environment.


  • 4-day general and syndicate workshop
  • 1-day field trip, presentation and certificate & award distribution


Before attending this program, you will receive a link to the online Leader Behavior Analysis® II assessment.  You must complete the assessment, print your results and bring to class in order to participate fully in the first session.  


  • Special arrival dinner
  • 1 day city tour to neighboring states
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Alumni Status
  • Unique opportunity to re-tool your health and well-being with exercise classes every morning, yoga in the evening, award-winning food, and extracurricular activities.


Management Acceleration Programme participants are so diverse that it is hard to generalise. However, they tend to fit the following profile:

  • Managers with 4 to 10 years of professional experience and 1 to 3 years of management experience.
  • Individual contributors who aspire to gain – or have recently gained – management responsibilities
  • Functional experts whose success depends on understanding the business as a whole, effective cross-functional interactions and the ability to influence without formal authority
  • People with potential for future senior management roles
  • Typically graduates with between five and twelve years of work experience.
  • Employees who want to make a difference in their organisation


Upon successful completion of this course, certificates and award will be given to all participants by Oxford International Study Centre in partnership with SPC Patterns Consulting Lagos Nigeria.


DATE:  November 11- 15, 2019. (Arrival date shall be November 9 & 10 2019)

DURATION & VENUE: The program is designed to run for a week; the 5-day short course to be delivered at University of Oxford, University community, Oxford United Kingdom.

TIME: The schedule is 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 16:30 Time in United Kingdom


  Option A GBP 4000 (Four Thousand Pounds Sterling Only)   This Fee Covers, Registration Training KitsExperts TuitionAccommodation (****)Logistics (Hotel to Training Center) Feeding(Breakfast, Tea-Breaks &Lunch(Buffet) Case Analysis CD VideosVisa Invitation LetterLogistics for Field Trip and Edu-tourismSouvenirsAwards & Certificates
  Option B GBP 3,100 (Three Thousand One Hundred Pound Sterling Only)     This Fee Covers, Registration Training KitsExperts TuitionFeeding (Tea Breaks & Lunch (Buffet) Case Analysis CD VideosVisa Invitation LetterSouvenirAwards & Certificates


  • Valid International Passport not less than 6 months before expiration.
  • Participants subscribing for this course must possess valid UK Entry Visa in order to enroll for this programme. Incase prospective delegate(s) do not possess entry Visa; our agents can assist to fast track the process.



  • E-mail:
  • Call:  +234 805 444 8597 +234 708 503 9947 +234 809 631 1690  
  • Pay in favour of SPC PATTERNS CONSULTING into the following bank
    GTBANK Pound Sterling Account Number – 0003651631

FURTHER INFORMATION Subscription to this program is currently open and will stay open until 6 weeks to program.