Nigeria pop star Davido enrolls for mandatory youth service

Nigeria’s international award-winning musician, Davido, is happy to begin his post-university national service program known in Nigeria as the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC.

The 25-year-old whose full name is David Adedeji Adeleke, posted a photo of him in full NYSC uniform on social media and captioned it: “Otondo OBO …#Nysc .. tying up every loose end !”

The local Vanguard news portal said Davido was enrolling for the mandatory national service program after three years of completing his university education. He is a 2015 graduate of Babcock University after studying music, the report said.

Social media has been reacting to his post with different perspectives. Some are lauding him for making time to serve, others doubt if he can effectively serve whiles for another it was where exactly he was serving.

A tweet asking how he got the NYSC uniform elicited an answer where Davido was to serve. According to the tweet Davido will be based in the commercial capital of Lagos.

He was filmed entering his car with armed escort apparently after registering for the program on Tuesday.


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