Project Management For Administrative Professional

November 25-29, 2019

Dubai UAE


Question: Is there an advantage to learning project management for administrative professionals? Yes!

Feeling overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines? If you’re looking to take on the added pressure and challenges associated with projects, the techniques of project management for administrative professionals will give you the confidence you need to get the job done. Whether you’re an administrative assistant, secretary, executive secretary or another member of the administrative support staff, now you can get the skills that spell project management success—scheduling, budgeting and planning.

Learn how project management for administrative professionals will help you take a project from conception to completion. Learn how to plan, prioritize and manage projects and deadlines in fast-paced work environments, with less stress and better results.


The benefits of attending this program cannot be over emphasized; participants will be able to:

  • learn the project management for administrative professionals skills to plan, organize and control projects of any size
  • organize and track all project resources to maximize productivity
  • anticipate problems or solve them as they arise
  • manage time while juggling multiple projects with ongoing daily responsibilities
  • gain the ability to exert influence without authority
  • make sound decisions about how and where to direct your time and energy
  • take better control by differentiating project tasks from daily ongoing tasks
  • communicate more effectively by using correct project management terms
  • build skills in planning, prioritizing, monitoring, controlling and evaluating projects and timelines
  • apply project management processes for supporting multiple people and projects in a team setting
  • overcome common project challenges and avoid getting overwhelmed
  • manage project workloads more efficiently, and lead projects for maximum results


Module Categories Topics
1. What Is Project Management?   Understand the Definition of ” Project” Create Problem Statements Understand the Difference between a Project and Ongoing Work Be Aware of the Variety of Projects Administrative Professionals Are Asked to Complete Understand the Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager Understand the Basic Project Life Cycle
2. How Do We Manage Projects?   Plan and Control Projects Meet Project Objectives Organize and Track Resources Use Basic Project Management Tools
3. How Do We Work with Others Successfully?   Use Influence without Authority Recognize and Use Different Communication Styles Use Active Assertive Communication Communicate Effectively Across Organizational Boundaries Organize Effective Project Team Meetings
4. How Do We Meet Project Challenges?   Solve Project Problems Effectively Avoid Disasters Learn from Every Project
5. How Do We Apply Project Management Knowledge and Plan For the Future?   Apply Your Learning to New Projects Plan Your Progress More Effectively
  6.   Best Practices at Project Organizations Company VisitCelebratory Ceremony

Special Features

You will work on a variety of project scenarios, applying what you are learning to real-world situations. You will leave with a reference guide and templates to support ongoing learning back at work.


You will be given a solid framework of the methodology behind the process but also have ample opportunity to practice and demonstrate your new skills through group discussion, case studies and reality based exercises. Exercises include: Defining project criteria; How to handle difficult personalities; Plus, a final exercise will take you through the complete project management process, from initial planning through to completion – with support and coaching from your course leader throughout.


  • 4-day general and syndicate workshop
  • 1-day field trip, presentation and certificate & award distribution


  • Special arrival and cocktail dinner
  • 1 day city tour
  • Business Networking Opportunities
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Alumni Status
  • Unique opportunity to re-tool your health and well-being with exercise classes every morning, yoga in the evening, award-winning food, and extracurricular activities.


  • Executive secretaries and assistants,
  • Administrative assistants
  • Administrative support personnel,
  • Office managers,
  • Sales assistants
  • All administrative professional who is responsible for projects.


Upon successful completion of this course, certificates and award will be given to all participants by American University in Dubai UAE in Partnership with SPC Patterns Consulting


DATE:  November 25-29, 2019

DURATION & VENUE: The program is designed to run for a week; the 5-day short course to be delivered at American University in Dubai UAE.

TIME: The schedule is 9:00 to 12:30 (GMT+3) and 14:00 to 16:30 (GMT+3) Time in Dubai


Option A USD 3,200 (Three Thousand Two Hundred US Dollars)     This fee covers, Training Kits, Expert Tuition, Entry Visa, S o u v e n i r s, Accommodation(***), Edu-Tourism, Award & Certificate, feeding, {breakfast, tea-break, lunch & dinner (buffet)} throughout the period of the programme


  • Valid International Passport not less than 6 months before expiration.



  • E-mail:
  • Call:  +234 805 444 8597 +234 708 503 9947 +234 809 631 1690  
  • Pay in favour of SPC PATTERNS CONSULTING into the following bank
    GTBANK Dollars Account Number – 0003651624


  • Subscription to this program is currently open and will stay open until 4 weeks to program.