Strategic Thinking and Decision Making Process

Strategic Thinikng

April 16-18 2019


Strategic thinking and decision making in a complex environment has never been more challenging. With complexity comes uncertainty. And with uncertainty comes risk – and great opportunity. Strategy and decision making in these conditions is not easy. But we make the task harder for ourselves if we rely on traditional and perhaps out-dated approaches. Strategic foresight allows us to study the future and understand the impact of uncertainty with greater clarity. Strategic insight, on the other hand, explores how the practices of reflection and mindfulness play an important part in making decisions when faced with highly complex ‘wicked’ problems. This workshop will take an extensive approach to bringing together a range of disciplines – both ‘hard’ strategy tools and ‘new age’ personal development approaches – in order to help us navigate our way through these challenging times.


The outcome of this program cannot be over emphasized; participants will

· Recognize the steps in the critical thinking process.

· Understand a range of decision making strategies.

· Identify the concept of cognitive bias.

· Learn strategies to avoid the top four cognitive biases.

· Understand how to practice focusing on one task at a time.

· Acquire 21st century strategic thinking skills.

· Achieve strategic thinking to improve the decision-making process and make faster decisions.


Completion of a Pre-Course Questionnaire and an Emotional Intelligence Assessment


  • Evaluate the strategic thinking of others
  • Assess the reasoning of others
  • Problem solving by starting with restatement of the issues
  • Problem solving from a number of different perspectives
  • Identify decision-making factors
  • Creativity and the decision-making process
  • Structure the analytical process with a matrix
  • Evaluate decision options using probabilities
  • Compare options using paired ranking


Organisational Decision Making – Key Principles and Considerations

Exercise: Learning from decisions that made history

• Strategy, Strategic Thinking and Strategic Decision Making defined

• The scope of strategic leadership

• Barriers to effective thinking – fun problem solving exercise to demonstrate thinking barriers

Exercise: Using mind mapping to better understand a problem or challenge

Strategic Analysis Tools that Aid Decision Making

• Portfolio Analysis – recap and practice exercise

• PESTLE Analysis – recap and practice exercise

• 5 Forces Analysis – recap and practice exercise

• Customer Needs Assessment framework

• Understanding the evolution of strategy maps from the Balanced Scorecard

Exercise: Develop a Strategy Map based on strategic analysis

Tools for Analysing your Options and Making Decisions

• Strategic fitness scorecards

• Solution selection matrices

• Decision trees

• Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model

• Making good decisions faster without compromising decision integrity

Exercise: Applying the above tools on the case study

Working with your Stakeholders

• Identifying the stakeholders in your Decision Making Process

• Planning for stakeholder engagement

• Developing strategies to maximise stakeholder support

Exercise: Demonstrate stakeholder mapping and time trajectories

YOU – The Strategic Leader

• Reviewing leadership perspectives from three transformational leaders

• Understanding emotional intelligence and its role in effective strategic thinking

• How to improve your EI

Exercise: Your EI Profile. Self assessment

Applying the Techniques

• Technique Application

• Technique Evaluation

• Personal Action Planning

Exercise: Working on case study scenarios


Our approach is a unique blend of lectures reinforced through the application of discussions, videos and real case reviews. Participating organization will be assessed independently.


This course is suitable for new and emerging leaders as well as existing and senior managers who want to improve their strategic thinking and decision making skills.

INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE                                         

N115, 000.00, this fee covers expert tuition, training kits and brochure, souvenirs and certificate of completion, feeding (tea break, lunch (buffet) throughout the duration of the Programme.


Venue:             2nd Floor

Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry Building (LCCI)

Bola Tinubu Way, Beside Marwa/MKO Garden

Alausa Ikeja,


Date:               April 16-18, 2019

Time:               9a.m. Daily


E-mail: training@spcpatternsconsulting.comCall:  +234 805 444 8597 +234 708 503 9947 +234 809 631 1690

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FURTHER INFORMATION Certificate of participation exclusive to all participants

  • Certificate of participation exclusive to all participants
  • Subscription to this program is currently open and will stay open until one week before the course.